A Dedicated App For Home Chefs Launched

B Swaminathan (publisherchefbharath@gmail.com)

Noida:  Homefoodi, a Noida based e-commerce start-up launches India’ss 1 st Mobile App for home-made food made by Chefs in their Homes. Homefoodi is a platform for every woman who is passionate about cooking to become an entrepreneur from home and reach out to the world to showcase their culinary skills. The brand intends to augment by offering a platform to earn from home being a Home Chef with a vision of creating an ecosystem while generating India’s biggest self-employment opportunity for women in general and masses. With the launch of the App, the company intends to evangelizing a Healthy and Fit India by offering Healthy and Hygienic Home Food.

Currently, Homefoodi will be going live with over 125 chefs across Noida and plans to scale to over 1 lakh chefs across the country in the coming years. Every chef is handpicked for their exceptional Culinary Skills and highest standards of Hygiene and Cleanliness and is checked for
food quality, hygiene and cleanliness of their kitchen before on-boarding. All home chefs on Homefoodi are 100% FSSAI registered.

Homefoodi is empowering every Chef to create their own unique identity, get countless customers and earn from home. The home chefs on Homefoodi come from various states of the country, thereby creating a culture of diversity and uniting everyone with home food. The
company has 2 Mobile Applications- A Chef App and a Customer App. Following extensive research across all the major metro cities and covering over 2000 chefs, the Chef App has been designed taking into consideration the challenges and expectations by them. The app, that gives freedom to a chef to decide their menu, the pricing, ordering time,
maximum order quantity that they can provide and delivery/take-away time slots. Homefoodi App has a very unique feature that allows chefs to receive orders for today as well as for the future date.

With the launch, Homefoodi will be starting its operation from Noida and will be scaling to the Top 10 Cities very soon. Currently, the Homefoodi app is available on Android and will be available on IOS shortly. Homefoodi Chef App is now available on Google Play Store and all
Home Chefs in Noida can join.  As an employment enabler, all the Home Chefs are welcome to join Homefoodi and help create
a Fit and Healthy India by offering Healthy and Hygienic home food.