‘Aagaaram’ To Launch New Line Of Products

– Ayshwaria Lakshmi

Aagaaram, an Erode-based start-up in a healthy food products brand, has plans to launch six products. These would consist of Chola dosa flour, Thinai dosa flour, Saamai dosa flour, Varagu dosa flour, Turmeric powder. The brand is known for its healthy drinks in their key areas, Erode, Tirupur, Coimbatore, Pollachi and some parts of Chennai.

“Food products always attract customers only vision and taste and as for our product it is always should be a constant reminder through ads and all forms of media to keep them intact,” said Mr V Elangovan, CEO, Niku Salient Foodz, the company behind the Aagaaram brand.

The start-up also has plans to expand its market reach to the entire state. The company has a strong and efficient supply chain. They involve transport and logistics companies to deliver the products whenever and wherever necessary.

The company has actively been involved in sales to nonprofit organizations like Rotary, and Olirum Erode foundation. This contribution is vital to brand promotion and contributes around 5% of sales.

“This helped gain more customers in the initial stages and also promotes our sales from other organizations as well,” said Mr. Elangonvan. “As of now, our customer base has not been formal yet and target customers are household people who are willing to adopt a healthier lifestyle.”

In response to their focus towards cloud kitchens or quick-service-restaurants, He added, “As a purely manufacturing company, it would be a great opportunity for us to endure the cloud kitchen concepts but we do not have sufficient information or a strong contact to engage with those concepts. But now with a marketing team, we are starting various methods to promote the products. Our promotions for a larger scale are stillborn and yet to be launched, but our digital marketing is highly active through Facebook, Instagram, and others.”

Mr. Elangovan also believes the public could fulfill the motto of healthier living at large if the hotels adopt more millet-based cooking. “Though many hotels have given out healthier options, people are still reluctant to taste them for fear that healthier foods can be bland and neutral. But with proper flavor, I think the people’s opinion can change,” he added.

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