Abirami Enterprises Eyes To Distribute Thai, Japanese and Arabic Foods

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-B Swaminathan

Abirami Enterprises is one of the leading distributors of food products in South India. Established in the year 2008, this Coimbatore-based firm deals supply of food ingredients to hotels restaurants bakeries, and kiosks. A leading player in the handling both imported and local-sourced products, the organization has cold storage for both frozen and chilled products. Aravindh Venkatapathy, CEO, Abirami Enterprises sees this as a new avenue to grow and evolve.

Speaking on the same Aravindh says, “During the COVID, large hotel business did not take off. The trends of small QSR, online sales had started doing well in this season. The reason for the large establishments that could not survive is because of the commitment factors- rent, staff, and more. However, I am seeing many small bakeries started picking up post-August. ”, he says. Speaking New restaurants, and small QSRs died could not survive. Mainly rent. Minimal investments. Seating capacity, take-aways had increased.

Speaking on the eating trends, Aravind says that post-lockdown eating habits of customers post COVID had changed drastically post COVID. “Even though one cannot brush aside the loss that the hospital sector has faced, the crude fact is that consumers had started venturing out and exploring new recipes.”, says Aravind who further added that compared to cities, small towns and villages had a decent sales during this pandemic. According to him, the home baking business had started on a large scale and many home-makers had turned home bakers started trying to experiment with many new food items.

Start-ups In the Hospitality sector:

“The major challenge moving forward might be the over-demand and short-supply. The hospitality industry has an acute manpower supply. Thus many hotel owners feel the heat not to experiment with new initiatives. They want to continue with whatever they have in hand”, he says. He also says that the pandemic had given opportunities for new entrepreneurs to enter the hospitality sector. Welcoming the trend eateries are the most preferred option for start-ups, Aravindh expresses deep concerns on the level of understanding of the hospitality business. “Many think that opening an eatery will immediately fetch them revenue. However, little the little they know is there are plenty of hurdles in running a business in the hospitality sector- be it a small QSR or a large restaurant, if at all the business owner has direct or indirect access to the day-to-day operations of the restaurant, he or she might face challenges in making thick margins.” The start-ups should know the arithmetics like the kind of crowds we would have during the marriage seasons, kind of sales pastries will have during the rains and more. Such analytics based on social and geography will help any start-ups who aim for growing bigger.

Future plans:

The key products Abirami enterprises deal with is cooking chocolates, ice cream ingredients, ingredients for making pastries, sauces for fast foods, Breakfast cereals, masalas for Indian cuisine, Italian, Chinese, and western cuisine ingredients, frozen snacks, frozen veggies, fruit flavor for mocktails, ingredients for juices, milkshakes, and frappes and more.

The team keeps experimenting and exploring newer products in leading exhibitions and trade shows and tries to experiment with new avenues to bring global or national products to the Southern part of India. On the USP, he says that being a distributor, the organization tries to satisfy the needs of both products and customers [hotel owners]. ”We take additional efforts to make sure our products are well received by the chefs and hotel owners. Some of the key activities we do conduct regular activities for our customers where we bridge the product owners and chefs to explain the new varieties”, he said concluding that the company is keen on distributing Thai, Japanese and Arabic food.

While the Abirami group works the best to ensure the fastest delivery against the orders, increasing the delivery speed is the key motto and the team is working on the same.

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