Andaman’s Famous Tillai’s Bakery Aims Two Outlets In Chennai

-Ayshwaria lakshmi

Andaman’s famous Sri Tillai bakery plans to open two branches in the second half of 2021 in Chennai. It opened a branch in Selaiyur, Chennai, in October. It’s well-known in Andaman for its cakes and sweets.

“In Andaman, it is a mixed culture of North and South Indian culture. So, we have various ranges of sweets which are planning to bring here. We also aim to provide quality cakes and pastries as we have been the suppliers of wholesale and retail raw materials for pastries,” said Rajan “I am working to stabilize this branch and then work on the others as this market is quite a competitive market.”

With the current situation not being favorable and entirely different from when they took this market, Rajan said, “We are being patient as we know the difficulty for a business to start. We are optimistic and there is a long way to go.”

He further told us about the initial days of the business being negative. Although it has started to break even, they are not focusing on the profit. According to him, the location of the first branch is good for the business as it is surrounded by office complex and colleges. Despite the pricing less than the market prices, they have not compromised their quality and services.

The products are at 20 percent below the market price; they give an additional 20 percent as a discount for purchases above 500 gms.

Currently, they producing only 20 percent compared to their operations in Andaman. This helps them in food wastage and also maintains the freshness of the products. Rajan further adds that the business has found a direction in customising to the needs of the consumers.

K. Seeni started Tillai’s Bakery & Sweets in 1999 in Port Blair, Andaman. Before this, Mr Seeni, who hails from Ramanathapuram, boarded the ship from Chennai to Andaman & Nicobar Islands in 1969. He started his career doing odd jobs, before starting a to deal in cash crops in a tribal area. He then moved to the capital, started a wholesale and retail provision store, and then a restaurant called Tillai restaurant.

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