Brahmins to Increase HoReCa Sales; To Launch New Variants

-B Swaminathan

Idukki: Brahmins Foods, one of the leading food product manufacturers in Kerala is all set to strengthen the institutional sales segments. The name ‘Brahmins’ a household name in every Malayali house across the globe has a considerable market share in the consumer sales segment. The brand is available in more than 20 countries through 56 distributors and 35 Thousand retailers.

Mr. Sreenath Vishnu, Executive Director of the company, the second generation entrepreneur from the family feels that post-COVID, the demand for quality food products had increased. “On the consumer side, during the lockdown, everyone was trapped into the home and forced to cook new foods. Thus, we did not find any decline in sales, but a consistent growth across all our products”, he said.

On the other side, Sreenath feels that hoteliers and chefs should start giving importance to premium products and should not reject a product citing price as the key reason.

Marketing the products:

Sreenath says that hotels should be open in marketing the products they make and should tell the customers what efforts they make for the end product. “Once they serve food along with educating the customers, I am sure customers would not mind paying additional for quality and taste,” he says who also strongly advocates for a kitchen visible for the customers.  He also expressed happiness that some eateries had already started doing this.

Special HoReCa packages:

Speaking on the USP of the Brahmins masala, he says that their products go hand-in-hand with all vegetarian South Indian dishes. “We are taking the feedback from the market on the specific needs of the hoteliers. To ensure hoteliers purchasing from them provide a unique taste to their customers, Brahmins is also ready to customize the packages on a promise of a minimum order quantity.” While the brand had touched most households in Kerala, they are planning dedicated in the Karnataka market. “We have appointed resources as well as distributors in Bengaluru to take care of the Karnataka region. I can call Bengaluru a miniature of our nation. Thus we would like to create a good reach in that market”, he said.

The new variants from the Brahmin foods hitting the kitchens in the hotels will not just be ensured they are not only quality-driven but also on the affordability of the hotels.

Address the work-force issues:

Sreenath also raises concerns about the lack of stability in the workforce. “We had started creating Standard operating procedures (SoP) for our dishes and we can provide a live cooking video that would educate the chef. If an SoP is created, then the menus become chef agnostic, and even if one kitchen staff is not available temporary or permanently, the system does not get affected”, he says further telling that their brand had already started working with some of the specialty restaurants, influencers and will start sampling for them.

On the export, Sreenath said, 20 percent of their sales come from Export and he bets big on Indian foods. “The future of the world is going to be Indian foods and process. Indian food and the eating process is well-defined and placed in the right sense. The is the reason, we can see even Arab nationalities uses some of our products as seasonings in the Middle East. “, he says concluding that Brahmins will also concentrate on the Indian restaurants outside India that has a great demand for South Indian products.

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