Brownie Point & Noir Launches Hand-Crafted Menu For Valentine’s Days

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Mumbai: Treat yourself or your partner this Valentine’s Day as Chef Manish Khanna with his signature brands, Noir and Brownie Point brings its patrons an array of exquisite desserts, handcrafted with love to celebrate the romantic day. Profess your love to the loved one, or just pamper yourself with luxurious indulgences to choose from.

As Chef Manish Khanna continuous to add sweetness to our days, he curates delicious desserts like Belgian Chocolate and Strawberry Pastry with a tint of velvet spray, Red Velvet Banana Pudding, Heart shaped Popsicles, Marble block encasing a dense chocolate loaf and Belgian Chocolate Ganache.

“Desserts are the fairy tales of Kitchen – A happily ever after – to supper”, says Chef Manish. The desserts have been crafted with unique flavour combinations and specially prepared to celebrate the day of love. This will tantalise your senses and will make yourself and your partner feel special.

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