Losing Entire Family, This Chef Campaigns For Vaccine Against COVID-19

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Chef Francis Goncalves lost his mother, father, and brother to Covid-19, all within a weeks time, as all three had chosen against being vaccinated, after what the chef says “falling trap to anti-vaccination propaganda” which again “prays on people who are afraid and they fall into the trap”. The chef is now campaigning everywhere requesting everyone to get jabbed.

Chef Francis Goncalves said he believed his father Basil(73) contracted COVID-19 while in hospital and his mother Charmagne (65) and brother Shaul(40) had got it at a family dinner. He believes that they would not have died, have they had taken the vaccine and hoped sharing his experience may encourage other sceptics to be vaccinated.

Francis Goncalves wants to showcase that there are many people and sceptics , who are terrified of the vaccine.  He wants to draw out as to, after all ,  why would the government want to hurt anyone of its citizens by giving vaccine? And what is the purpose  behind it.  It can be well assumed how the chef wants people to see the  light in things and the government to initiate steps to build awareness and arrest misleading activities of anti-vaxxers and encourage vaccination .  As per Goncalves his parents had underlying health conditions but his brother was healthy and the vaccine would have saved his life.

Both his father and brother had died in Portugal before he could reach there.  By the time he reached to see his mother, she was already in an induced coma and it’s quite poignant as we read him say “ She was also in an induced coma . They allowed me to go and see her which already was a sign that things weren’t going well and I had to dress up in full PPE “. She died days later and all three were buried in a cemetery in Lisbon. 

Losing all of a sudden an entire family that had lived tight-knit is an harrowing experience and so so affected we remain as we read Goncalves “ My father  gave everything. He would wear broken shoes so we could have the best. He loved mom and she loved him. My mother would do anything for us. My brother was my best friend “.

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