Chennai’s Madanandapuram Gets ‘DessiCuppa’ New Cafe

-Ayshwaria lakshmi

Dessi Cuppa, one of India’s fastest-growing beverage brand, serves Juices, Mocktails, Lassi & Smoothies, has opened its first social distancing café in Madanthapuram, Chennai called Dessi Cuppa, Royce Delights and another outlet in the outskirts Chrompet.

“The demand for new and innovative food dishes and requests from customers, we have Pizza, Burger, Panni and the store’s special Freak Shakes. This new dish made of Traditional Kulfi, called Kulfi Freak shakes. We also have plans to launch more varieties of this product in this store; currently, we have Pista and Badam flavours.” said One of the Brand responsible person, Mr RD.

Dessi Cuppa is an innovation of four foodie friends who have travelled together to taste original foods from different part of the world. The first store was in Porur, Chennai. The success of this store allowed the team to open more stores.

“My family and I are foodies. these were our inspiration for DessiCuppa started. I wanted to provide quality food using all-natural products, hygienic,” said Mr RD, who is the official spokesperson of the organization. “Our absolute commitment to serving the highest quality of items in all Dessi Cuppa stores has led to our success. We opened 161 shops PAN Indian in a span of 11 months after our first shop launch in 2015,” said Mr RD on success.

For those with Smoothie indulgence in mind, Dessi Cuppa has been a preferred place to visit and enjoy. It is spread across India and UAE with over 200 shops. It recently opened a shop in Chrompet, Chennai.

“My current expansion focus is on Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. I want to give food with no publicity other than customers’ word of mouth. Most of my franchise partners are those who were my customers in various other branches,” said Mr RD.

Even when interviewing for the article, RD believed people should visit the shops for the brand and not for marketing. RD did not want to disclose his identity as he wanted the brand to be the one proving its worth and not him.  

Every product at Dessi Cuppa has its own signature recipe. Each of its recipes is lab tested and is certified to be healthy recipes by the Kerala government. It is known for its Fuljar Soda, Falooda. Dessi Cuppa has been covered by various bloggers, food influencers, and mainstream media for its innovative recipes. Flavour customisation can be done here. For Chocolate lovers, Dessi cuppa provides a wide variety and range of products.

As each season has its own significance, and ingredient’s, DessiCuppa provides varieties of drinks accordingly. The menu includes varieties of options like Thirst Quenchers, Exotic Flavors, Health Packed Drinks available at affordable prices in good quality & quantity.

“We have been visiting Dessi Cuppa since it was inaugurated. It is the best place for quality food at pocket-friendly prices. After a hectic day in college, we would come here for some fresh drinks and foods that fill our stomach at less cost. We attain complete satisfaction. We have come with our friends here and more times with our family,” said a group of friends who are Madanthapuram branches regular customers and doing dentistry within a few kilometres away from the shop.

“We provide complete training support to the staffs. The training would allow the staff to even leave our brand and become an entrepreneur on their own. Our training allows not only the staff to run the shop but also teaches them to be able to stand on their own,” said the brand owner on staff training.

Dessi Cuppa has found itself in every busy corner site in Hyderabad, Kerala, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Vizag, Dubai and Chennai. It received an award for the 4TH consecutive year Excellence in Brand Franchising Award from “METRO MART “. Apart from this, it has received the best brand award, best customer satisfaction and best beverage award.

To collect these awards, the staffs from the shops have gone to collect them. The reason behind this, the people behind the brand believe staffs are the actual heroes and they are who should be awarded. “This industry is a service industry and without the public support, we could not grow. That is why we have Dessi Cuppa, a well-balanced and well-researched brand recipe,” said RD.

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Thats a grt concept. Keep growing and keep moving ahead.

Thank you Deepak sir

Friendly staff
Yummy food
Beautiful ambience

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It’s a great experience. The ambiance is very welcoming.The juices and smoothies are fantastic and make great recommendations.

Looks like a fun place with great choice!
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Congratulations on everything. Your drive and vision are deadly combination ❤️.

Good luck team.

Best place to spend our snack time with friends !!

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