Chefs Prefer Equipment Reducing Human Work In Kitchens

-B Swaminathan (

Bluechip Hospitality Services (BHS) specializes in the supply of commercial induction cooking equipment which covers all kitchen needs of a hospitality unit be it a hotel, restaurant, resort, caterer’s professional team. The company is coming up with new solutions for the kitchen segment. In an exclusive chat with Chef Bharath, Gopalakrishnan B, Managing Partner of the BHS, speaks on how his products and solutions address the key demands of the hospitality sector. Edited excerpts.

What are the ways, kitchen equipment are evolving and how they are addressing the pain points of the customers?

Today the key role of kitchen equipment is to reduce the labour work. Less-labour intensive Kitchen with focus on Combi ovens, automatic chapatti machines, dishwashers, boiling-pans and brat pans for bulk cooking is preferred majorly by the industry people.

What are the unique aspects of Blue Chip HS compared to other equipment players?

We function as one-stop solution encompassing supplies of various kitchen equipment, refrigeration system, cold room installation, glass display unit supply, dishwashers, bar equipment supplies, crockery, glassware, cutlery apart from buffet display items. We also deal with insulation boxes that help in retaining food safety, quality and hygienic storage by retaining temperature over 8 hours in a convenient handling insulation boxes with inserts that are food safe.

What are the new products that you had recently launched and how are you planning to add value to the same?

Insulation boxes with inserts, GN pans with grip lids to hold food for zero spillage, Government approved Garbage bags, Sugarcan bagasse plates, AHU fragrance systems, Diffuser oil units, and waste management system that can convert food waste to Manure in 18-24 hours (with thermi fluid system)

Today, the key challenge for a chef in terms of equipment is the post-sale support and warranty. How are you ensuring the same for them?

We will provide complete service support by our well-experienced service technician during the warranty period and after the warranty period, we can provide AMC.

What is the roadmap for your organization and how are you planning to expand?

Food industry is our lifeline and with the right association with experienced chefs and food consultants support we are yearning ‘to become the Preferred one-stop solution for all HORECA and Industrial canteen requirements with full service and price support”. With our association with best suppliers in different geographies and our interest and thirst to understand and provide innovative solutions to the industry, we expect to have reasonably good growth every year and excel in our role as a food Industry service support provider.

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