Exclusive Interview With Karann Talwar On Luxury Catering

B Swaminathan (publisherchefbharath@gmail.com)

Karann Talwar, the owner, and founder, Kitchen Kraft Luxury Catering, forays to the exact need for a luxurious fine dining experience.  Associated with Bukhara restaurant, ITC Maurya Sheraton for over 7 years as Sous Chef, he mastered the basics of Indian cuisine . Also been associated with leading hotel chains like Taj, Oberoi, Hyatt, Carnival Cruise (USA), Seabourn Luxury (USA), Karann now foresees to carry forward the drift of Progressive Indian Cuisine.  He speaks on the science and economics of luxury catering in India.

Please explain the culinary algorithm called the pre-plated food experience offered by Kitchen Kraft Luxury Catering

Usually in Catering’s we have seen a buffet setup where guest picks a plate and serves himself.  But at kitchen Kraft, we started Pre plating food for our guests to make them feel very special and give them a royal dining experience. The intimate touch of Indian culture and the slight
reverberation of the western gourmet makes this the perfect combination for your function. From regal ceramic cutlery to embroidered napkins, KK surely does love the smaller details and making sure everything looks fantastic and absolutely perfect is our grandest maxim. Like every
couple has different traits, we intend to create a conflicting-complimenting pattern with our work by not just adhering to typical wedding catering styles but also pushing a wave of change through our innovative outlook and poignant staff. We promise to bejewel your very grand
milestone with warmth and intimacy. It is our goal and promises to make your milestone a sight to cherish and behold for years to come.

The rise of Progressive Indian Cuisine and how Kitchen Kraft Luxury Catering is achieving that Progressive cuisine is for the people who have traveled the world and want to experience traditional flavors and taste in an innovative presentation. We all love comfort food but at
times comfort food becomes too messy. At Kitchen Kraft, we serve ‘Makki ki roti’ and ‘Sarson Ka saag’ as a starter. The Makki ki roti is made in the form on tacos and saag is just stuffed in it and garnished with some whipped white butter.

What is the kind of events Kitchen Kraft Luxury Catering caters to and how are you bringing uniqueness in that?

We cater to Affluent Corporates, Luxurious Weddings, and Chic Private Party. Honda, DLF, Aditya Birla Group, HDFC Bank, are some of the top corporate we serve to. The first and foremost thing which you need to figure out is food. Yes, the catering service because if you want to make an impression which is long-lasting then you need to choose the best corporate catering service for your event. we are sure everyone wants to make their event a “can’t miss” event.

We at Kitchen Kraft work hard to turn your most important office events into effective and joyous events so that you do not miss your chance of getting your hands on that promotion. We make sure that you as well as your guests are well fed, well served and satisfied, while you
enjoy the event. We believe that food creates memories and we want you to have good memories with us and that’s why serve you with the best of the best office catering services that we have.

What are the key challenges you face while preparing for luxurious catering and how are you addressing it?

The catering industry can be a tough industry to work in. However, if you are able to face all of your challenges with successful solutions, it can be a very fun industry to work in. The best thing about the catering industry is how creative you can be. Do what works best for you and your business and you are sure to be successful. The prime concern that we have is a huge long hour while preparing the dishes in luxurious catering. We also spend a huge time frame in training the staff on this.

How Kitchen Kraft amalgamates and curates its cuisine to a specific theme

Well, we achieve our goal of providing you the best of our wedding catering services by getting to know our clients. We spend time to find out your preferences because that’s what matters the most. We just want to ensure your contentment. We at kitchen kraft are always ready to go
that extra mile to bring out that smiling and satisfying burp from your guests.