Fabrinox Potnis To Create Awareness On Sensor-Driven Hand Washing

-B Swaminathan (publisher@chefbharath.com)

Mumbai: Mumbai based Fabrinox Potnis is a leading player selling washing solutions like sync, washbasins, innovative washing solutions that minimize the human contacts and more. With more COVID-19 related discussions are in place, restaurants are likely to make hand-wash compulsory.

“For the past four years, there has been an increasing awareness of hygiene in most of the facilities where food has been processed or made due to the strict HACCP norms introduced by FSSAI. At this juncture where COVID-19 has terrorized everyone, hand washing is one of the ways that one can protect oneself and also others.”, says Saurebh, Director of Fabrinox Potnis, in a chat with ‘ChefBharath.com’. He further added. ” I am confident Indians will quickly adapt to these norms and there should be zero tolerance by the governing authorities regarding this.” He also added that FSSAI must make it compulsory to have all the hotels and food processing units to have either foot/knee or sensor-operated hand washing.

Fabrinox Potnis has three product categories0 Foot Operated / Knee Operated and Sensor Operated hand wash stations.
All the above forms of Handwashing stations are completely touchless by hands. It thus eliminates the spread of bacteria from faucets to the hands of the users.  Saurebh, while speaking on the government regulations in restaurants and factories,  says making touchless handwashing compulsory, masks to be made compulsory inside food handling facilities and carrying out regular audits will be taken seriously.

“With close to 10 years in hand-washing segment whereas suddenly it has become of great importance to all. We have standardized our product ranges by customizing the users’ requirements. So it’s a ready solution for all our clients which makes there decision making quick and simple.”, he said concluding that his company is planning to create awareness on sensor-driven handwashing across India and also expand globally by promoting the international standard product range.