Food Chain ID To Create Awareness On Sanitation

-Press Release

Mumbai: Leading Food Safety consulting firm Food Chain ID, in an effort to crate an awareness among the Indian food production companies on the sanitation aspect, is organizing an informative session on sanitation.

The session, titled,  “Debunking Sanitation Myths” will enable Indian companies to interact directly with Dr. D. V. Darshane, MD-FOBE Solutions. The session will be moderated by Chinmayee Deulgaonkar, MD, FOODCHAIN ID India.

“Ever since the unpreceded pandemic has begun, there is a rush for sanitation. The sanitation, if not done in a correct way, can be dangerous to health. Besides, Food, Human & Surfaces require different types of sanitation. E.g. The tunnel spray that is being installed for human sanitation, can be extremely toxic. Besides, is it really effective in controlling SARS CoV-2 virus? The cost and the effectiveness of sanitation are the two sides of the same coin. How much to sanitize? When to sanitize? Are there other sanitizers/disinfectants besides chlorine-based and alcohol-based solutions? What is the difference between fumigation and fogging? Which are alternate technologies?”, added a press release from the company.

It is a must session for those who want to make informed decisions during and post Covid-19 era. Interested people can get in touch with Nauka at, or Mayuresh at, for registration. is the media partner for the session.