GoShudh Aims Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits Thorugh Diet ‘Atta’

-Dhamodaran Palani (dhamodaranpalani98@gmail.com)


Sumit Gupta

In today’s world, where people are consuming foods that are low on Nutrition, after 8 years of intensive research on food consumption patterns, a Jaipur based food product company Goshudh focusses on producing Nutrient-rich products. According to the company, the richest food crops are even today available in a part of Madhya Pradesh which, according to the company, the best wheat one can consume. GoShudh aims bring healthy eating concepts in the modern lifestyle.

When asked about the idea behind the name Goshudh, Sumit Gupta Founder, CEO of Goshudh says “We are procuring purest of the purest material so we were looking for some brand name which replicates our product and easily recognized by Indian society. The name in itself says  Go Pure”. Further, he said, “Our products  Atta ( Flour) and Natural salt are finally manufactured after an intense research of 2-3 years and proof test by various institutes for the amazing results which make us different from others.”

He said the patients struggling with diabetes, blood pressure diseases have dietary restrictions and are required to control their blood sugar levels  for which the best way is to consume a nutritious diet.”Goshudh’s Diabetic Atta is specially curated for diabetic patients which contains a fusion of 8 Natural Grains such as Ragi, Babchi seeds, Pearl Millet, Sorghum, Corn, Barley and Flaxseed along with Wheat which helps them reduce their overconsumption of carbohydrates.” he added.

He then continued about essential ingredients which are present in the products” They are enhanced with increased fiber and protein content, it contains essential Vitamins and Minerals, such as Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Zinc along with Unsaturated and Omega Fatty Acids, which are vital for good health, to replace Saturated Fats in the diet. The unique blend of grains and millets in the Diabetic Atta is formulated to be low in glucose and high in fibre which helps control blood glucose levels in the body and lower cholesterol. while Barley, flaxseed, babchi seed and finger millet help reduce glucose absorption in the blood, control sugar levels, manage weight, and promote colon health.”


People having Celiac diseases who are prone to an immune reaction to gliadin, a gluten protein found in wheat, barley, etc. which involves inflammation and destruction of the inner lining of the small intestine and can lead to the malabsorption of minerals and nutrients.  He said, “People can Diet atta which has a perfect mix of 11 millets which are gluten-free and are good at digesting aspects.”

Speaking about heart diseases at younger ages, he stated “In today’s world our fast-changing lifestyles and food habits have contributed to an increase in heart-related ailments. When it comes to young ages people their lifestyle is almost ruined due to work pressures, excesses outside junk foods, and non-timely eating habits.” He further added that his products are cost-effective as a better and high nutrient diet cost you less than medicines that are harmful to the body.

On a final note, when asked about how restaurants can make use of the products, he said “Our products are unique and as far as hotel and restaurant are concerned they can introduce a full new range of gluten-free products, bake some nutritious dishes specially for diabetic people and gluten allergy people. Taste of our flour is such that it can blend in anything whether bread, chapatis, biscuits, or other bakery products.”

They are present across online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Goqii and are soon coming up with an app. The company is handling more than 2 Thousand packages as on date.