Homemade Spices Behind The Success Of Vijayawada Hotel


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Ayshwaria Lakshmi

For to have a tasty biryani, there are two requirements to be fulfilled, Fresh Ingredients and Masalas. But how unique can a biryani be? Well, the masalas make all the difference proves ‘Spice and Rice’ from Vijayawada.

A view of Spice and Rice Restaurant In Vijayawada

Mr Kondapalli Rajesh and his wife Shilpa, owners of the restaurant, opened the restaurant in February, a month before the lockdown. Despite the strictest lockdown in place, the restaurant was a hit. Currently, they serve only from Poranki, where the restaurant is located till Benz Circle in Vijayawada, a distance of six kilometers. They make an average of 400 to 600 packs sales in a month.  Adding the festivities or holiday season, they would make 800 to 1000 packs in a month.   

This was possible because of their unique homemade Biryani masalas made by his Mother V R Malleswari and wife G Silpa, who is also the owner of the restaurant.

Kondappali Rajesh

Gummadi Silpa

“This success has led us to look for a second branch in the Benz Circle area,” said Mr Rajesh. “We are planning to have it launched next year.”

Spice and rice also promise to provide freshly cooked food. It even helps them to control food wastage as they cook in limited quantities. All the masalas are prepared every day in the morning, cooked in wood, and coal-based. As part of fulfilling their motto, no food colours or Ajinamotto is added to their products.

“We do not re-heat our food. Since we prepare it in limited quantity and when it’s over, we request our customers to wait for 30 to 40 mins,” said Mr Rajesh. “it will surprise you to know that most of our customers are ready to wait. This shows the importance of freshly cooked food”

Chicken Dum Biryani and Vijayawada Special Biryani are their two must-try foods among their flavors of Biryani. The latter is only rice and comes along with a Boneless Chicken Curry.  As add-ons, a single pack is given the sweet of the day and a family pack is given a chili chicken, fulka and chicken gravy.

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