‘Host’ Enables B2B Purchases With Better Retail Experience

-B Swaminathan (cbedit@imaws.org)

One would easily imagine the visuals of a B2B purchase happening in a place where buyers do not even have a better shopping experience. However, that might be the same in ‘Host’- the hospitality store. Located on a gigantic highway in Kochi, this store enables the best platform for serious B2B buyers. The host is one of the leading distributors of major food products companies in India.

The store is designed in such a way anyone walks in will have a better experience of all the product with beautiful state-of-the-art design and lightings. ‘The host’ has arranged the products in such a way, every product is visible and looks arranged in a sequence. Another specialty with the store design in Host is the experience. From the entrance, any visitor can easily access what is the product stored in the fag end of the store.

View of the entrance and the beverages section


The store has various sections. The product placement is such that, anyone who walks in will get an appeal towards the slew of beverages placed in the very starting point of the store accompanied by sauces, spreads, crushes, mineral water bottles, ketchup, and which is followed by noodles, pasta, and ready-to-mixes.

The second section which is of very important is the pulses and grains and other daily accessories that need to be followed by the frozen food section. In fact, the display of the section is so transparent and arranged in such a way that the cold-room, as well as display, gives a better view to the customers who come for the purchase. Like every B2B customer these days look for variety, Host also allows them to walk around and look for new products in the market. The salesforce inside the showroom is well-equipped and trained to immediately address the needs of the customers and provide them with alternative products if there are issues related to the availability of the products.

The next portion is followed by the other essentials like pickles, masalas, ready-to-cook variants, bakery, chocolate mixes, raw materials needed for cakes, and more. While with pulses, the store also has parallel non-vegetarian, frozen foods separately enabling the customers to select according to their wish. Host also has some covid-related materials for customers. Following the food products section, Host also has a separate division for crockery and baking materials in the first floor. From a small spoon to knives to bet-sheets to high-quality towels, the store has almost everything a hotel needs.

According to the distributor, the customers’ preferences has changed and everyone walksin the store and they know their brand right and do not waste time in searching. The advent of digital technologies make the customer aware of the latest happenings and change according to their taste.

Pandemic times:

Anthony Arun

Host claims it to be a customer-centric company. Even during the pandemic, whatever the customer had asked has been delivered to them at the doorstep. The retailer had enabled online purchase, WhatsApp purchase, telephonic order,s and more. A part of the Cochin Trade Links group, run by Mr Anthony, the second generation entrepreneur Mr. Arun is managing the show.

Expansion and support for new brands:

Arun says that they had recently signed up for distribution for more than a dozen products. “We always look for the reputation and quality of a brand. For small and upcoming brands, we do not charge an entry fee and provide them shelf space. If any company which is keen on entering the market, can reach out to us and we will take them to the B2B customers”, Arun added. He also said that Host is also planning to expand with a state-of-the-art store in Kakkanad region of Kochi and planning to explore the market in Thiruvananthapuram.


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