Hotel License To Go Perpetual: FSSAI CEO

-Ayshwaria Lakshmi

Arun Singhal, Chief Executive Officer FSSAI, in an interactive session with the  Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association in India, said the government is looking to make the license perpetual. The restaurants would have to submit accounts every year and a small amount as fees. “This regulation has already been discussed with the ministry.  This is likely to get implemented in two months time,” said Arun Singhal.

Mr Singhal also said that they would inculcate a culture of the scientific panel where the collective voice of the industry will be heard. This scientific panel will discuss matters of the sector using evidence, standards, most importantly it will make the decisions based on science. These received a welcoming response from the participants.

Along with this, the other one of the key topics discussed in the forum was the displaying of calorific content and allergen in the menus. This is in the new amendment is to be done voluntarily until 2022. Mr Singhal pointed out that this would be made mandatory after the given time period. The participants from FHRAI raised their concerns regarding this topic. They believed that this would cause a punitive action against them. One participant raised concerns that it would be difficult to show the actual amount of calories that one plate of dish would contain when cooked in bulk or customized. It was also suggested that it should make this rule across the spectrum, not restricted to a few. On allergen, the members pointed out; that the restaurants are voluntarily following this.  Concluing the session, it was mutually agreed between the members and FSSAI they would further continue discussion on this topic later.

The forum also had a discussion on the need of GST for staff training. According to the participants, there is no need for GST  levied for training their members. 


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