IFCA’s Eight Edition Of International Chef Conference To Focus On ‘Eat Right’

B Swaminathan

New Delhi:  The Indian Federation of Culinary Associations’ (IFCA) one of the flagship events International Chefs Conference 2019, slated to happen at New Delhi in October this year will have the conferences and seminars focussing on right eating habits.The event titled, ‘ Eat Right. Power a Healthy Planet’ is believed to be a  step towards sharing the idea that every one of us can act with respect, which is closely associated with our culture and heritage.

The association is on the strong belief that they will continuously work towards making the organization on par with global standards and strive to make each International Chefs Conference achieve new heights making our industry not just inspiring but aspiring too. “This year’s theme will be an ideal platform for the nation’s enterprising and enthusiastic culinary professionals to update themselves on the current path-breaking trends that are taking over India, connecting with the Nation’s best culinary leaders to widen their professional horizons through highly informative and interactive sessions rendered by top-of-the-line speakers & panelists from around the world.”, says Chef Manjit Singh Gill, President, ICFA.

Event Structure:

The event is curated in such a way IFCA’s International Chefs Conference 2019 will break new ground this year by presenting an entire range of knowledge dispersion from seminars to selections for International Competitions. The three-day event will feature a wide spectrum of topics,
international speakers will talk on a broad gamut of subjects ranging from wine tasting to Food & IT. “Health can mean different things to different people. Life on Earth is inevitably changed by the actions of people, including actions, which cause biodiversity change and loss. Maintaining life on earth in a healthy state means biodiversity is sustainably used, conserved and its benefits shared in ways that enable survival, evolution, and change. Well-managed and healthy life on earth is essential to support people, individuals, communities and the ecosystem.”, a note from the organizers adds. The Conference will carry forward this theme and hope to educate & inspire chefs on how contemporary techniques & themes can empower Indian and International Cuisine. Every conference has been an attempt to elevate our competitive, dynamic & innovative young chefs to new realms by consistently challenging them with knowledge from experts.

Speaking about the event, Chef Vijaya Baskaran, Vice President, IFCA, said, ” We have lined up some interesting and mind-boggling sessions this year. The panel of speakers will enable you to understand the intricate and uniqueness of culinary arts and how your work can power our nation.
The conference will infuse fresh enthusiasm & passion for the industry we love. The event will be an opportunity for you to broaden your
thinking and help diversify in your culinary career.”


The event gives wide range of sponsorship opportunities. By participating in the event a brand will be showcased on a one-to-one basis for the renowned Chefs of national and international repute and the industry wizards, the marketing mileage of which has been known to leave a positive impact on the members. The event this year is supported by Food Safety standard authority of India (FSSAI). Some of the brands associated with this event include Chef’s Kitchen institute, Electrolux, Welbilt, Agnisumukh, Pullman Hotels and Resorts, Convotherm, Merry Chef, Global Access Hospitality, SG Equipments, Kookmate, Skyra Professional Tableware, IIT Alumni, Dell, Cookie n Creme, USA Poultry and Egg Export promotion council, Punjab Eggs, Epicure, Brand CAI, AIMS school, Manipal Academy of Higher Education and Chefs unlimited.

Chef Dr Soundararajan, Gen.Secy of the association, says. ” We as culinary professionals have been tasked to showcase the world that it’s not about strict dietary limitations or depriving yourself of the foods you love. This edition will be an ideal platform for culinary professionals to equip themselves with ever-changing trends by directly connecting with National and International culinary leaders to expand sone’s knowledge.” Chef Madhu Sudan Gupta, Treasurer of the forum says that this year of the event will have a prestigious list of international; speakers who will impart great knowledge about the current trends in the global culinary arena and much more is all set to get the entire industry talking about it for days to come.

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