IFCA’s Ten-day Course Aims To Give Value Addition To Under Privileged Girls

-Ayshwaria Lakshmi

Pilot program specially designed by IFCA for the under privileged girls at the Kaushal College Ranchi was launched. This was a 10 – day marathon culinary course to enrich and empower these deserving, smart girls to take up new challenges in the food and beverage industry.

“Culinary is a very vast subject and definitely cannot be covered in 10 days’ time. But the major aim is to cover the basics as much as possible. We are sure that the students understood the basics well. We made sure through their interactions and assessments. In case any institution in the country requires such training, they can approach IFCA at any time. We are looking forward to conduct more such courses in the future,” said IFCA Sec Dr Chef Soundarajan [When he was alive].

IFCA created the ten-day course named “Chef Mastery” for the benefit of underprivileged students who lack a proper educational and economic background. The main aim was to impart the basics of culinary to the students. The students were taught basic culinary terms explained by the accomplished chefs, the live demonstrations right from their kitchens, the food safety course, a definitely value addition to the course.

This course would add value to their current education as well as improve their theoretical and practical knowledge. They were also imparted knowledge about food safety and the duties of a Food safety supervisor in a hotel or FBO. When applying for jobs, the students can utilize this knowledge to get placed.

“We had selected eminent chefs from the industry as trainers for this course. The students were very enthusiastic to interact with them and actively listened to them as well as answered their questions, also clarified many doubts. The sessions were extremely interactive all through the days. Many of the chefs promised to help the students with their doubts, also provided the students with their email, social media links, etc for further assistance. Some chefs specifically promised the institution for placement assistance to the students,” said Chef

The team worked several months on this course to find the best trainers and participants who can benefit from this. This made them look for students who had a poor background and who had keen interest to learn the basics of cooking. The key factor was interest to learn and implement as well as their backgrounds. The responses the team received during and after the course were more than expected said IFCA. Many colleges and culinary institutions are coming forward to offer this course for the benefit of their students.

“Many institutions are approaching IFCA for the much-needed value added course. The next course would be conducted virtually due to the pandemic situation. The initiation of the course will be informed in due course of time,” said Chef

IFCA continues to be touch with the institution on a regular basis. It has provided the participants with a certificate of course completion. Beyond this, it has extend hand to also offer placement assistance to the students after their course completion.

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