India Transact Launches Contact-less Ordering For Restaurants

-Ayshwaria Lakshmi

India Transact has recently launched a contact-less QR based ordering model for Restaurants in this new normal as the quick service restaurants are opening their doors.

India Transact Services is an omnichannel merchant payment solutions company, with an aim to simplify transacting and merchant acquisition, besides providing other value-added services. Our team comprises highly passionate individuals who consistently strive towards providing our customers with innovative and best-in-class payment solutions through our products and services.

“With coronavirus spreading across the country, and restaurants opening their doors despite the precautionary measures, people are still hesitant to dine out. This solution provides for a more enjoyable and safer experience when dining. It uses a contactless payment method, QR codes are a comeback to eliminate shared menus which could spread the virus between customers. This solution tackles and resolves various issues that the restaurants face during this current period,” said Sunil Khosla, President, Digital Business – Retail, Indian Transact. “Our analytics also provides QR, billing, inventory and marketing solutions to our consumers.”

The restaurants will place QR code stickers at tables and various other counters. This allows customers to make orders and pay directly from their phones. The customer can easily scan QR code and a menu will pop up on the browser. The customer can place his order without having to stand at the counter. This solution also accepts payment through QR codes or through contactless cards.

This solution also offers a link to be sent through the message which will provide for the same as QR code. For instance, the restaurant can send the link through messages to their customers and they can order using the same. “We have taken into account that people don’t enjoy downloading too many apps,” said Sunil. “So, we have created this solution to be done through URL.”

India Transact offers two types of this QR model, one where it provides for a restricted menu and the other one which is directly linked to the back-end office. In the second QR model, it can update pricing and menu and it is interdependent with the inventory whereas this is not possible in the first type as it is indifferent from the inventory modules.

 “The first type is a static solution where the menu will be customized by the restaurants perfect for the small-scaled usage, whereas the second is a dynamic one as it can be used by large-scaled hotels with bigger menus,” said Sunil. “The module is the same for both the types, the integration levels, and technology depth is where it differs. We are also integrating the billing and the inventory software to work robustly”

Apart from this, India Transact is also pitching to their client a pre-booking from home model. This would work the same way as the QR model, through a message link or a merchant app. It also provides for pre-booking of the tables.  “After this, we would provide our customer a solution that would have all the three, QR, billing, and pre-booking in the same solution,” said Sunil. “This would also allow the large restaurant owners to have the analytics to track their numbers.”

India Transact has plans to provide the same for a service industry like salons. It also provides for such a similar facility to grocery merchants as India transacts major revenue comes from the grocery merchants. It is also open for third-party collaboration, as per the necessity and request of its customers’ demands.

“We have split our plans into three phases,” said Sunil. “This QR model is the first phase, the second phase would be to maximize this model, venture into the service industry and providing for the integrate the software, the final and last phase would be to provide for an aggregate digital market place.  ”