India’s First Food-as-a-Service NuTy Targets 550 Outlets In Bengaluru

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Bengaluru: Tulita Ahara (Sanskrit meaning for ‘Balanced-Diet’), the company behind India’s first Food-as-a-Service brand, NuTy, offers authentic HomeStyle ready-meals through its omnichannel outlets across the city. Today, the company announced its target full coverage of Bengaluru with 500 Omni retail outlets by March 2020.

Its brand, NuTy (abbreviated from ‘Nutritious and Tasty’) currently has a presence in 163 outlets in Bangalore and has served over more than 2 lakhs meals since its expansion a few months ago. NuTy creates micro food-entrepreneurs and tech-enables them to serve customers through their proprietary WhatsApp based e-commerce platform and food-delivery partners like Swiggy, Zomato, and UberEats. NuTy has developed and tested about 100 regional recipe based heat-and-eat meals that are kept fresh through proprietary HPP chilling technology that helps long-term preservation of the food without using artificial ingredients while retaining its nutrition and taste.

Announcing the quick climb in numbers for NuTy outlets, Ray Nathan co-founder of NuTy, excitedly says, “NuTy’s authentic, affordable, nutritious, tasty, hygienic food with a long shelf-life helps satiate appetite, reduce waste and create livelihoods all the while meeting the basic needs of a common person. NuTy blends the ‘art of food’ creation with the latest in food science to curate authentic ready-meals that can be delivered through next-gen technology. This we believe is the future of affordable and nutritious food.”

Naveen Chander, co-founder, NuTy also added “Our company was formed with a vision to provide nutritious and tasty meals for everyone, one that is a balanced-diet and yet at an affordable rate. Such a combination has never been thought possible before. Our model is possible because we source all the raw material and ingredients directly from the source and which turn into curated authentic regional meals. An essential part of the NuTy model is that of creating food micro-entrepreneurs who will be the delivery points to the consumers of NuTy meals. Apart from meals, NuTY is a livelihood platform and we hope to create 20 lakh food micro-entrepreneurs by 2023.”

NuTy also has larger volume packs for HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafes) wherein a small to mid-sized food outlet can increase its food offerings by reducing their overheads.

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