Kerala Prefers Locally Sourced Bakery Products 

By Ayshwaria Lakshmi (

Kerala’s bakery markets have a preference for local produce and not imported products, said Kerala’s largest bakery products trader Bakers Traders. Currently, in Kerala, only the institutional business chooses imported products.

“Kerala is a fluctuating market where some would prefer a product for quality but most would not. But the current scenario has started to change, the manufacturers have started to understand the changing dynamics in the market,” said Manu Kunjachan, the next generation entrepreneur of the family business of Bakers Traders.

Bakers’ traders work to bring companies into the market who understand customers and the market players’ needs to produce products. They have currently tied up with companies that share the same motive as them.  Bakers’ traders currently have more than 10 thousand products on their list and this varies as per seasons.

Manu Kunjachan


Right now, after the pandemic, the bakery industry in Kerala has taken a huge hit. During the lockdown, they saw a huge rise in home baking, which has decreased now. Many shops have permanently closed for business which in turn led to many payments at a standstill for Bakers’ Traders.

Home bakers vs Traditional Bakers:

Speaking on the home bakers community, Manu said, home bakers as a community, were doing good during the lockdown. However, post lockdown, people who were serious about the business were alone able to sustain in the business. “Bakery is a critical business where multiple factors like External factors. Environmental political factors. GST, flood, covid issues. Home bakers who started baking as a hobby had returned back to their routine jobs once the unlocking started happening. . Thus traditional bakers and within home bakers, those who do religiously only can survive in the business.

Expansion plans:

Speaking on the expansion, Manu said, “Right now, we are planning in a slow phase. The distributor has two stores in Ernakulam  and two in Aluva. There is one more in Pullipedi.” Plans are on for Bakers and Traders to look for a suitable outlet in Kakkanad. “Of course, this might not be the right time for a maximum expansion keeping factors like road infra projects, elections, and more. However, we feel that there is much more to do in Kakkanad”, he concluded.


Advertisement- Meron wishes Bakers Traders all the best for their expansion plans.

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