Key Eating Trends Of 2019; Predictions In 2020

Sudharsana Raju (

While the world is gearing up for the year 2020, even in terms of food eating habits, there has been wide range of trends that had shaken the year 2019, be it food safety, coming up with a concept called ‘Healthy Eating’ and more. Here are some of the key trends the fraternity had felt in terms of eating.

Shahnawaz Khan, Radisson, Sri Nagar

Buy local is one key trend. Our guests all over the world want fresh local foods. Indian people are more concerned about climate change than ever before. One-fifth of consumers would choose brands with a clear sustainability vision over others. This ‘shop local’ trend ensures that people eat the freshest ingredients. In addition, it helps reduce carbon emissions linked to climate change.

Mindful eating will get bigger in 2020. This, in itself, is not a new trend and has been around for a few years but there is growing conversation around the source – traceability – or where the food comes from. Many consumers, for instance, demand organic meat. The trend has already led to the rise of start-ups that promise sourcing of antibiotic-free chicken and chemical-free fish. The micro-cuisines of India would continue to gain in prominence with the rise of the neighborhood ‘foodpreneur’. The growing demand for fresh, hygienic and familiar ‘ghar ka khana’, combined with the convenience of digital communications and payment platforms, will encourage many more traditional, regional and community cooks to run mini-enterprises from their home kitchens.

Lawrence Amalraj, Intercontinental, Chennai

Zero-waste was a bigger concept that trended across India. Zero-waste initiatives gained in popularity. Many businesses have banned disposable straws, plastic water bottles, and single-use coffee cups. Another concept I found was ‘Mindful eating’. Guests want safe, ethical,and high-quality choices. The widespread ‘mindfulness’ trend—being present in the moment—expanded to include mindful eating. Mindful shoppers seek nutritious, safe, ethically sourced foods. They study food labels and buy brands that demonstrate a commitment to quality.

Another trend we found were Instagram-friendly food. Consumers want trendy, visually appealing foods and drinks. It is not only the famous foodies influencing the public. Millions of people photograph their meals and drinks to share their favourite finds. Colourful, interesting new foods and drinks posted online catch on quickly.

Balbir Chand, The Grand Hotel, Pathankot:

The key trends during the year 2019 were concepts like Mediterranean-diet continued to be in its top of the ranking. In the year 2020, we feel, lot of new trendy and fast food like fried rice i expecting more.

Dr Alifiya Bhol, Clinical Nutritionist and Chief Dietitian, NutriAl, Diet Therapy Clinic

Density in size is everyone’s concern but the density of nutrients nobody wants to learn‘ diet food ‘ is still packaged food sodium is still high in it. Air fryers will replace pans, cold-pressed oils will be back more sugar substitutes will be launched, easy to cook foods will be used. Calorie counting will gain importance fad diets and scientific diets will have more distance.

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