Kiwi Ice Cream To Expand Internationally

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Kiwi Ice cream was established in 2010. The company has been attracting their customers for almost more than 10 years. When we established in 2010, the production capacity was 500 Litres per day. By increasing year to year, the production capacity reached 30,000 Litres per day in 2019 and by the end of this year, the production capacity will be 50,000 Litres per day. By 2025 the company plans to increase its production capacity by 1,00,000 Litres per day.

We have started to pitch the business in Coimbatore, Tiruppur,  Karur, and Namakkal which is almost the border of Kerala and we planning to appoint another 8-10 distributors in nearby areas. The decision to enter the Tamilnadu market was taken during the time the second lockdown was issued, this led to a reduction in the flow speed of the sales. But according to our investment proportion, we are not lagging too behind in the business there. “We are expecting a rise in the sales during the coming month because we have received acceptance in the market. Kiwi Ice cream has planned to pitch the business to Karnataka in future”. Said Mr. Sameen Ansari Erukulangara, Managing Director, E.K. Foods Private Limited.

Since inception, the company has been more reluctantly focusing on producing quality products, which will comply with international standards. The raw materials and consumables used to produce our flavours are gone through our R&D department for the quality check and which is complying with our standard of quality will be stored and used for production. The employees in the production line are given on the job training based on FSSAI norms and managers and supervisors are advised to go for FSSAI certificate courses frequently.

The initial stage of planning during the pandemic

It was a very difficult situation during the initial stages. Kiwi ice cream opened a unit at Palakkad just before the lockdown was announced. So for selling and distributing the goods on a small scale, we have been given permission by the industries department to operate our plant and vehicles. Kiwi Ice cream was able to achieve an above-average range of scale in their business during this time. Said Mr Hasker Ali Erukulangara, Director E K Foods Private Limited.

Marketing strategies

During the pandemic time, while the public was more on to watching TV and social media platforms. This insight led us to create a new visual ad with a brand ambassador, who is a well-known female actress in the Malayalam film industry and telecasted in channels. By telecasting our advertisements through channels, we wanted to create more visibility to our brand and introduce our specific flavors, which will create magic in customers’ taste buds.  After watching the TVCL, we were getting inquiries on specific flavors particularly from customers. This has created a brand and flavor awareness between retailers and customers and this motivated the distributors and they were able to do a survival business even during the pandemic time.

Marketing Zones have been bifurcated and appointed exclusive marketing teams in each and every zone for more penetrated marketing. By 2022-23, KIWI Ice Cream will be holding 20-25% of the Kerala Ice cream Industry. Added Mr. Sameem Ansari Erukulangara. 

Upcoming Features
More unique flavors and products will be added to kiwi ice creams categories. Kiwi ice creams are planning to put on novelty packing where customers can get a new product in Rs 30-/- which will be an 80ml-100ml pack.  This is an area where kiwi ice creams are concentrating more in the area of the production line. Mr. Hasker Ali Erukulangara reinstated. 

International markets

There was a study that was conducted to know why kiwi ice cream sales are happening more than other brands, which are already having more than two decades of brands legacy. So we had received a proposal for expanding this to international markets. Discussions are going on for exporting to GCC countries. First will pitch into the middle east and then focus on globally. “But before that, we wanted to widen the business more in Kerala and South India”. Said Mr. Sameem Ansari Erukulangara.

Digital marketing technology
Kiwi Ice cream uses social media for branding and product awareness across Kerala and ties up with some online delivery apps in zone wise to tap that type of business. “We are active on Facebook and Instagram. We release videos and posters in frequent intervals and we have been getting good feedback and inquiries from that platform. A special team has been assigned for designing and checking those platforms. Both the directors said.


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