Leading Salon Brand Naturals Starts ‘Namma café’; Aims 10 Thousand Outlets

-Ayshwaria Lakshmi

C K Kumaravel, the entrepreneur known for redefining the salon industry and creating a high-end grooming brand, Naturals is all set to disrupt the unorganized food industry. He, along with his daughter, Dhamyanthi has started a tea outlet franchise in Tamil Nadu. They have a plan to open 10 thousand outlets.

“Namma café was an idea which we conceived during corona. It has changed the way we have been looking at opportunities. Salon business was one of the most affected businesses.  We saw an opportunity in the business at the bottom of the pyramid, the local tea shop and coffee shop. Lacking there was hygiene, cleanliness, variety, innovation, packing, so we thought we would put all these together and the price at where they are,” said C K Kumarvel, co-founder, Namma café.

The main motto of Namma Café is to provide a standardized local tea shop in both hygiene and cost. The founders want to create at least 1000 micro-entrepreneur.  The key selling point of stores are the unique names for their products, teas sold at ₹ 10 per cup. The outlets have plans to launch noodles to their menu after their recent sandwich launch showed success.

Namma café has also launched a Cyclepreneur, where the tea seller who sells using cycle are branded and standardized under the brand. Currently, this is available only in Chennai’s R.A Puram store. The founders have plans to have six cyclepreneur for each store.

“The cycleprenuers can sell the tea like they usually do and earn a margin from it. We are also allowing them to return the excess to the store they are connected to. This would help them with dealing with wastages. These excesses, we have made provisions to be sold in the stores,” said Dhamyanthi, co-founder, Namma Café.

Along with cycleprenuers, they have launched Namma Library where customers visiting the café can read books. It is a bookshelf kept outside all the stores.

10 new stores are expected to open up in the next 45 days, with a few more underworks. Mr Kumarvel further added, If Starbucks can come to India, Namma café can go international Indian business lacked in system scaling. That was McDonald’s, Starbucks taught to the world. The system and process of scaling should be learnt from these businesses.

He further said that it was what they did with naturals and that’s what they want to do with Namma café. He wants it to become a household brand with more than 10 thousand outlets and create 100 thousand jobs.


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