Learning New Techniques The Weapon For Sustainability: SICA

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-DM Sudharsana Raju (Translation: Dhamodaran Palani)

Employment is everyone’s basic need. In this current situation, people from various fields and levels have lost their jobs in five months.

Dr K Damodaran, President, SICA

To help those who lost their jobs, a webinar on “Opportunities for Young Chefs” was hosted by the South Indian Chefs Association and Synergy Exposures. In this online discussion, the chefs gave various guides to advance oneself in self-employment.Dr. K. Damodaran, President, South Indian Chefs Association, assured the participants that this time would pass and things would return back to normal. He also added, “Young chefs should make every effort to be self-employed and learn food techniques, and to focus on learning new culinary techniques. It is a growing industry that internships should be developed with the help of experienced chefs,” he said.

Speaking on the future of Culinary Arts, Dr MS Rajmohan said, “If young chefs should develop themselves into new culinary ventures in the future, it will definitely be a good way to become self-employed and will understand the needs of customers and act accordingly for their success.”

Dr MS Rajmohan

Umashankar Danapal advised the participants in food beautification and photography. He pointed out that photography plays a vital role in shaping the food market. He also said, “It’s a good idea to spend money on photography as well as food to prepare food, and it’s an unspoken fact that people love food because of photography.”

Akshay Kulkarni commented on the alternative methods of food preparation, said, ” Home cooking is very popular, we can try to impress the customers with home cooking, saving time in cooking and cooling. Entrepreneurs should also be interested in this, as the internet-based kitchen system is a huge success,” he said. It was also reported at this webinar that automation practice will soon improve, which will help in improving the hygiene standards.


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