Lil Goodness Urges Millenial Moms To Inculcate Good, Healthy Eating Habits For Kids

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New Delhi: Lil’ Goodness and sCoolMeal, a leading kids’ food and nutrition start-up is set to revolutionise the eating habits among children by building an ecosystem that nurtures good & tasty food and nutritious food habits. Through a combination of freshly prepared meals and preservative-free convenience foods, Lil’Goodness and sCoolMeal are empowering millennial moms with a unique combination of ‘goodness’ filled choices for their Lil’ ones.

According to a recently released report ‘End of Childhood Index’, India ranks 113 in 176 countries on the wellbeing of children. This index is part of Changing Lives in Our Lifetime – Global Childhood Report, 2019, released by Save the Children, a non-profit organisation has identified childhood obesity and undernutrition as key concerns among kids in urban India. In its neighbourhood, India ranked fourth, behind Bhutan (98), Sri Lanka (56) and China (36). The report, which is also published in The New England Journal of Medicine highlights that India has the second-highest number of obese children in the world, with 14.4 million reported cases. China, with 15.3million obese children, tops the list.

Addressing this serious concern, Lil’Goodness and sCoolMeal will act as a nutrition partner to mom’s and kids taste buddy through a combination of fresh and packaged food choices that are delectable, nutritious and of high quality. The flavours are perfectly balanced to make every meal enjoyable. Made with natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial colouring, giving the best meal choice for the Lil’ ones.

Pariksha Rao – Co-Founder & Chief Nutrition Officer at Lil’Goodness & sCoolMeal said, “Since we all are living an extremely fast-paced lifestyle, we often compromise on our daily dose of healthy and nutritious food and this, in turn, leads to very unhealthy and fussy eating habits among our children. It’s extremely important to inculcate good eating habits among kids at an early stage of life in order to protect them from various lifestyle disorders. It is our endeavour to make food exciting yet nutrition filled for kids. We, at Lil Goodness & sCoolMeal are attempting to create an easy way for new mommies to get a combination of fresh and preservative-free packaged foods.”

The company has partnered with schools to provide a healthy snack to around 40,000 school kids in order to start snacking healthy and tasty food without compromising on the fun and taste aspects. Lil Goodness and sCoolMeal nutrition and culinary experts have joined hands to blend the two to create this wholesome experience. The company is also launching a unique rewards program for healthy eating that gives nutrition-based rewards points to kids for each recipe- this also will help parents benchmark themselves against others in their peer group.

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