Chef-Couple Launch ‘Medicheffing’; Aims At Longevity, Similar To Ayurveda

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– Ayshwaria Lakshmi

Nigerian chef-couple had made their dream true by bringing a concept called ‘Medi Cheffing’,  a concept of cooking targetted at African countries. Medicheffing is an aspect of Cheffing,  about using food, spices, herbs and ingredients to heal and promote longevity. The chefs also feel that It is to fill the gap between improper diet, sicknesses and poor nutrition to help humanity return to nature, live healthy and longer.

Levi Orhii
Christy Orhii

“We have studied the way people eat mostly it’s not right, the body needs a lot of nutrients to function well. Mostly in Africa and other continents, people suffer a lot from sicknesses like diabetes, hypertension, Obesity and others which are mostly because of improper diet and nutrition,” Said Chef Levi Orhii, Co-founder of Medicheffing.

In this method, the ingredients are taken in their raw nature. “We cook items that need cooking without destroying the taste, nutritional value and appearance/ presentation. And we use special Skills in handling all the procedures,” Said Levi. Medicheffing, through exotic chef natural products, offers and promotes healthy living and longevity. It is near to ayurvedic cooking and organic cooking, but it targets people with uneven health conditions and support challenges like a decline in health.

In Nigeria, Indian ingredients like Cumin, Coriander, lemon, ginger and others are being used in Medicheffing. “We are open to research and new ideas to discover ingredients beneficial to humanity from India and the world,” said Levi

 Levi and Chef Christy Orhii plan to reach out to countries to promote Medicheffing. “We are trying to educate and break ground in Africa where most of the health challenges are a link to improper nutrition and dieting, but we are open to whosoever that need our services anywhere in the world,” said Levi. “We also plan to hold seminars or training to boost our social handles and partner with countries that want to change their nutritional values and standards.”