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Following the unexpected demise of late Soundarajan Palaniappan during his tenure as General Secretary of The Indian Federation of Culinary Associations (IFCA)– the National Nodal body of Culinary professionals in the new leadership is announced. The association recently had its Extraordinary General body meeting to elect a new General Secretary for the Association in place of Dr. Chef Soundararajan. Chef Vijaya Baskaran has been named as the successor of Dr. Soundarajan in IFCA.

The EGM was held at the IFCA office, Chennai, where all the erstwhile Board members were present and also those who were to be newly inducted. The proceedings started with the formal condolences by the grieving members, who highlighted the yeomen services of Dr. Chef Soundararajan, who, working with Founder President Chef Manjit Singh Gill, Chef Vijaya Baskaran, and other frontline members, not only laid a strong foundation for the Association but also made the Association achieve its laudable objectives bringing the Chefs fraternity of the country into the limelight by conducting National and International Conferences, Food demonstrations and presentations, Competitions which attracted the attention of the World Chef community and IFCA could become a leading member of WorldChefs, the international body of Chefs.

Name of the Chef Position in Executive Board

Chef Manjit Singh Gill- Founder President
Chef Sheetaram Prasad -Vice President
Chef Vijaya Baskaran -General Secretary
Chef Madhu Krishnan -Joint Secretary
Chef Madhusudan Gupta -Treasurer
Chef M. Prabu -Executive Committee Member
Chef Sudhir Sibal -Executive Committee Member
Chef Ramesh B Javvaji -Executive Committee Member
Chef Manisha Bhasin- Executive Committee Member
Chef Debraj Bhaumik -Executive Committee Member
Chef Sudhakar N Rao -Executive Committee Member
Chef Nitin Shende -Executive Committee Member

Wishes From Thomas Gugler:

Thomas Gugler, President, Wolrd Chefs, in his wishes, had said, “Under the leadership of Manjit Singh Gill and his immense experience, passion, and dedication to represent India globally it can and will be a great success. Supported by his colleague and Sheetaram Prasad as the Vice President of IFCA who is as well a very instrumental player in the industry all will become to excellence.”

Thomas Gugler, President, World Chefs

Adding that, to keep all on track and to hold the ropes fine and tight with Vijaya Baskaran as the General Secretary who will put all towards agreements and documentation he also wished the Joint Secretary Madhu Krishnan will be set towards excellence. He also extended his wishes to Madhusudan Gupta as the Treasurer who keeps the finances in order and makes sure that IFCA is constantly on the green positive site. On a concluding note, calling ‘7 musketeers’ he wished other members Prabu, Sudhir Sibal, Ramesh B Javvaji, Manisha Bhasin, Debraj Bhaumik, Sudhakar N Rao, and Nitin Shende for the very best for their assignment. On his signature sign off, he asked the culinary community to believe in the ‘Power of the white Jacket’, be proud to be a chef and culinarian, and make the ‘World a better Place’ with their actions and dedications

The election of the newly inducted members was done on a formal note during the meeting with the proposal done by the sitting members seconded and supported by other members. With the Voice vote taken formally, the declaration of elected members was done, then and there, simultaneously, obtaining the acceptance of the positions by the newly inducted members.


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