Milky Mist Unveils New Dairy Unit; Launches Ready-To-Eat Products

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In a recent development, Milky Mist, one of the leading players in the dairy segment in South India, has announced its entry into the ready-to-eat and daily consumption segment. For the past 25 years, paneer has acquired a big space as an essential ingredient in every South Indian kitchen and Milky Mist plays a key role in that.

According to Mr. T Sathish Kumar, Founder and Managing Director at Milky Mist, “In hindsight, the idea to venture into the daily food section was a bit risky with the risk-reward proposition not clear. However, we studied and analyzed the market and found that a lot of middle-class people, particularly the employed ones, are increasingly adapting to the WFH concept in light of the pandemic. They were increasingly on the lookout for healthy snacks in RTC/RTE/RTD categories. At the end of the day, our hunch proved to be correct and this foray was a rather successful one for Milky Mist.”

According to him, either it is a pandemic or not, at Milky Mist, they are of the view that they should up the ante always. Moreover, Milky Mist is in the Dairy FMCG category which, to some extent, is Teflon coated from the vagaries of the market. More and more people are making their homes a workplace now and are experimenting with healthy food snacks. We thought of making use of the current consumer behavior in our marketing strategy.

When asked about the other challenges the company would face when promoting and launching daily need products, he replied “’There may be some teething troubles for Milky Mist when it comes to promoting and launching daily need products. We need to make people realize that Milky Mist now has a comprehensive product portfolio covering all categories. By that time, Milky Mist would have built a loyal consumer base for the new set of daily food products”.

Milky Mist has been toying with the idea to enter into the RTC/RTE category which is growing at a rapid clip with consumers trying to spend quality time with their families and also fulfill their responsibilities towards their official duties by doing WFH during the pandemic. “We zeroed in on Asal Foods as they enjoyed a ready market with good acceptance from the customers. We thoroughly looked into their quality aspects and found out that they will gel seamlessly with Milky Mist USP of quality products at an affordable price range. Again, the strategy is going to be simple – spread awareness effectively amongst consumers that ‘ASAL’ is now part of Milky Mist although it may take quite some time for the content to sink in amongst the consumers. “replied Mr. Sathish

The biggest challenge Irrespective of a pandemic situation or a normal one, there are certain basic difficulties when you are launching a product. With the right mix of target audience/ brand positioning, these difficulties can present themselves as opportunities. Digital marketing coupled with out-of-the-box thinking to respond to any situation that the market may present with minimum lead time. Further, we are fortifying our distribution channels to meet the increasing customer requirement for our products. Digital marketing has helped Milky Mist to retain and ferociously safeguard its pole position in the market. said, Mr. Sathish.

Foundation of the Milky Mist Dairy Unit – 2 in Perundurai

Milky Mist is having plans to open up parlors across all major cities. Also expanding our product categories from frozen range, ready to cook products to breakfast to the dinner table. We are planning a couple of more RTE snacks and right now they are being tried and tested for various parameters. We hope to introduce the same in the market in the foreseeable future. Milky Mist is having a new plan of putting up a new category of RTE products like Paneer Tikka, Paneer Crunchy, and more which will be launched in the future. Entire South India, more precisely TN, Karnataka, and Kerala are the main geographical points since Milky Mist is a fairly established brand name in the South with top-of-the-mind recall. As part of the expansion, Milky Mist has expanded their Dairy Unit -2. The unit, located at Perundurai, Tamil Nadu witnessed its foundation on August 26 2021.

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RTC try with local recipe and nativity taste convince to cook at affordable price to normal segment consumer.

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