Munchilicious Granola To Tie Up With 5 Star Hotels, Vegan Cafes

-B Swaminathan (

Soch Foods which launched Granola Brand ‘Munchilicious’, with five flavours has expanded across Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru and the product are available across the key hotels. The food product provider is planning aggressive expansion across India through modern retail outlets. In an exclusive chat with Retail4Growth, Rohit Mohan Pugalia, Founder Partner and CEO at Soch Foods LLP share his expansion vision. Edited excerpts.

Why do you think that Granola could go well in a breakfast menu?

Studies say having good calories in the morning is of utmost importance. Granola is calorie-dense as well as rich in protein, fibre, and micronutrients. In particular, it may provide iron, magnesium, zinc, copper selenium, vitamin B and vitamin E.

What are the key ways you are different from other players in the market?

Munchilicious Gran contains 80-91% Nuts, seeds, and fruits. Apart from that, it does not have any added oil or sugar. All the variants of Munchilicious come with a perfect taste as per the Indian palate. Also, the variants are designed by keeping in mind the needs and preferences of all the consumers. Be it breakfast or late night guilt-free binge. Munchilicious Granola has it all.

How your product is made healthy without compromising on the quality?

All the variants of granola are tested by one of the best labs in the world which is TUV SUD and is manufactured in a strict ISO 22000:2015 certified environment. Hence quality is assured.

What are the key hotels and restaurants you are serving across India and how is the response?

Munchilicious Granola is associated with Marriot Coimbatore and Anmol Classic Hotel, Jabalpur. Also in few leading bakeries in Mumbai (Love and Cheese Cake) and Jabalpur (Hira Bakery).

How many flavours you have and beyond breakfast what are the other occasions your products can fit in?

Currently, ‘Munchilicious granola’ manufactures 5 variants and all are designed with Round O clock concept.Typically granola is an all-time snack however Munchilicious has added taste as per the mood of the consumer.

 Original and Dried Fruits is most preferred as breakfast.
 Desi Twist and Grain-Free as an ideal snack
 Dark Chocolate as Guilt-Free Binge.
It can also be an ideal ingredient for fudge, shakes, cookies, cake, etc.

What are your expansion plans? 

Munchilcious Granola plans to be the most preferred household brand of Urban India. Munchilicious plans to enter the rest of the Metro and Tier 2 cities in India.  Munchilicious Granola looks forward to associating with all the 5 stars hotels Pan India considering the premium offering of the brand. Also, make its foothold strong in upcoming health and vegan café across India. We are also in the process of
exporting Munchilicious Granola sighting the demand in other countries.