Nagpur To Witness First Literature Festival

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Nagpur: SGR Knowledge Foundation and GH Raisoni University is organizing the multilingual literature fest in Nagpur. The event is a first-of-its-kind is expected to give new and unique experience to the audience of Nagpur. The event,  planned for 2 days on the 5th and 6th December – 2019 at Chitnavis Centre, Nagpur aims to provide an enthralling experience to the society by this celebration of literature.

The intent of this festival is to involve poets, writers, actors, journalists and other personalities who will interact in English, Hindi and Marathi and  Bengali to share their work and enlighten the audience with their ideas about literature and culture with talks, panel discussions, book signings, book readings and more. Various workshops on literature and contests will also be a part of the festival. This festival aims to provide an enthralling experience to the society by this celebration of literature. This Festival will involve eminent personalities from the field of their expertise, who can take the audience through the various paths of their literature experience.

 This event is self-financed and entry for the participant is totally free. The organizers had planned to involve prominent agencies and personalities to provide support in terms of media, venue and hospitality support and famous bookstore Crossword has been roped in as a partner. The gathering of these intellectuals during this festival will add value to the initiative. They will surely give an insight to the attendees to contemplate and to discuss various topics in different languages – on literature, and life. The Organizing panel comprises of eminent people who are actively promoting cultural activities in Nagpur.

 Ravishankar Mishra, Dean, GH Raisoni School of Hotel Management, spoke to Chef Bharath on the event and how it is enabling eating right. 

Edited excerpts. 

 What are the key themes and what would be the possible takeaways for the participants?

The key theme of this event is that this event is one of the first in its kind where professionals and the students will be on the same platform to share their experience and learning both, also the speakers from different fields and backgrounds will meet in the same platform.

In today’s scenario while the Indian eaters are getting exposed to global cuisine. How much importance is given for Indian culture-driven cuisine?

We have kept the separate session for Heritage Cousin, Festive food and their cultural background, upliftment of village, tribal, and folk cousin and related topics where participants can contribute their thoughts and ideas to the upliftment of this cousin.

This event is done by an educational institution. Thus, what are the ways you expect the forthcoming generation of Chefs to understand the roots and promote eating right?

As organizers, our institute is bound to do such type of event frequently by organizing seminars, guest lectures, celebrity talk and more for promoting the concept ‘Eating Right’. The event will also have a food festival, Chef Competition, theme dinner, celebrity nutritionist and chefs to promote the right concepts.

India, being a multi-culture and multi-religion forum, what are the regions in India still preserve the food that has been followed for ages?

The regions in India which preserve the food that has been followed for ages are Moglai, Awadhi, Rajasthani, Konkani and more. Also, as every state and region has their eating habits and culture, but being from Vidarbha there are two very famous cuisines which are Saoji and Varadi which has to make a presence global as these cousins are very delicious and lot many chefs are taking forward to promote these test.

What are the key predictions you can tell in the coming years in terms of food eating habits? )

To enhance the eating habits,  food should be social media-friendly. Other aspects like vegan concepts, trans-fat-free, fiber, quick -digestive,  fast cooked, a combination of all the above will make the right eating habits.