NRAI Welcomes Delhi’s New Excise Policy

-Press release

NRAI warmly welcomes and supports the path-breaking reforms made by the Delhi Government in the new Excise Policy notified earlier today. As a significant stakeholder, NRAI was very actively involved in the deliberations preceding the policy rollout and we are extremely happy to see that most of our suggestions have been incorporated in the policy. It is gratifying to see our constant efforts yielding such positive results. On behalf of the entire industry, we thank the Delhi Government for considering our suggestions. We also thank the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi for giving his express approval to this progressive policy.

Some of the significant suggestions made by NRAI in this regard were as under:

i) That, the license fee should be rationalized on the basis of area instead of seat covers.

ii) That, the age of selling/serving liquor should be in consonance with that of the neighbouring States.

iii) That, the archaic rules related to not allowing music in independent restaurants and pasting of public notice before grant of HCR licenses should be done away with.

iv) That, the impractical restrictions relating to storage and serving of liquor should be removed.

v) That, the requirement of obtaining multiple licenses prior to grant of Bar license may be done away with. Instead, the Fire NOC may be the only mandatory requirement for obtaining the Bar license.

vi) That, the timings of operation of Bars may be brought at par with the neighbouring cities.

vii) That, the operational requirements of HCR segment may be relaxed by permitting liquor service in the open spaces viz. terrace/balcony/lower area, additional dispensing counters with nominal fee, easy transfer of license, etc.

We are confident that these reforms, which have been long pending, will go a long way in revolutionizing the liquor trade in Delhi. It is a definitive big step ahead in improving Ease of Doing Business for the industry. This policy will also provide better consumer experience, apart from significantly enhancing the Government revenues.

NRAI strongly feels that this new excise policy notified by the Delhi Government will significantly unshackle the F&B business and also help improve the consumer sentiments in the post-pandemic era. This policy will become a benchmark for other states to follow in coming days.

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