Hotelier Turns Useless Vacant Land To Sambalpur’s Vogue

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-Ayshwaria Lakshmi

Imagine sitting on the Rooftop, looking out at the mild dense forest and the river that flows by. Add in a server walking with an aromatic Chicken Mutta and Mutton Mutta. Don’t we all want to experience this? Beriha’s Hotel and Restaurant, located 4Km outside Sambalpur, on a state highway that connects the districts of Sambalpur and Sonepur in Odisha. It offers both scenic views and its authentic Oriya dishes.

Beriha’s Logo

The story started where Mr Beriha had a Petrol Bunk in the area and the surrounding space decorated with a garden maintained by him. A customer who visited his Petrol Bunk suggested him to convert the empty land around the garden into a restaurant which sparked his interest. This is how Beriha’s Hotel and Restaurant venture came into existence, 3 years back.

Initially, it was a dining hall which was later was upgrade into various spaces curtailing various needs.“My success is all because of my customers whose feedbacks helped me develop my restaurant to what it is now,” Mr Beriha. “Listening to my customers and fulfilling their requirements is the secret Beriha’s Hotel and Restaurant success.”


This hotel has a Rooftop with a scenic view, a private lounge, a sitting area, a Garden sitting area, and a restaurant in an area spanning 0.20 acres. This restaurant, apart from authentic Oriya dishes, also offer Dhaba Style food and Homemade Desi Style dishes. The restaurant’s best seller is Chicken Mutta and Mutton Mutta.

Private Lounge
Sitting Area
Selfie Point



“In the entire of Sambalpur, we have the experienced chefs who can cook these dishes. These dishes are a little tough to do as the method and recipe are very crucial,” Said Beriha. These dishes are made in wood fire using a clay pot. The masalas and ingredients are made by the chefs themselves. The customer response is huge for this product and more than 50 plates are sold in a day especially.

Beriha says placing a restaurant in a high way is a different ball game altogether. “If you have to run a hotel on a national highway, you will be serving the commercial vehicles and your customers will be majorly a truck driver. However, on a state highway, guests are mostly a commuter between two districts and thus the restaurant must provide them not just healthy food during their travel but also a hygienic location.”

Another one key aspect of the property is the restaurant employs stewards to make the family crowd comfortable. “When women serve, the guests who come with family get a sense of safety while traveling in the region”, he says further adding that.

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