Preserve the nutrients in your Veggies and Fruits with Rustic Art’s Serve Clean

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Pesticides are an essential part of farming, but they could also pose potential health risks. In the current situation, it is crucial to stay healthy while consuming clean vegetables and fruits. Rustic Art Serve Clean offers the perfect solution to get rid of wax, dirt, bacteria and pesticides from the vegetables and fruits. Enriched with Colloidal Silver, it has a strong anti-bacterial property that works effectively against many fungi, bacteria, and pathogens. Colloidal Silver combined with other ingredients makes the formula more potent and invincible.

The extremely porous skins on vegetables and fruits easily absorb the chemicals from soap. While consuming these food items, the residues of soap or detergent absorbed by the vegetable might get ingested directly. This could lead to various health troubles like diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea and other such issues. Some of these issues may falsely look like COVID-19 symptoms causing panic. Therefore, it is imperative to opt for an organic wash that helps cleanse the dangerous carcinogens, leaving no residue.

Rustic Art’s Serve Clean powder comprises Baking Soda which eliminates pesticides and dirt while Sodium Per Carbonate keeps the nutrients and vitamins in the food & keeps them fresh for a longer time period. With natural cleansers like Soapnut (Reetha), it helps to get rid of the wax and other toxic chemicals on the surface. It also removes dubious elements from the surface of vegetables and fruits with Tamarind. It contains certain natural chelating agents like Sodium Gluconate and Potassium Alum that help to bind the heavy metals and dirt & help them settle down into the water bath.

The powdered formula is water-efficient while making the waste-water recyclable for urban-gardening and other household chores. It also requires much lesser water to wash and a simple water bath can clean the produce. It also helps to keep the freshness in the fruits and vegetable post washing for at least twice the usual time and hence prevents food wastage.

Product: Rustic Art Serve Clean Soapnut Tamarind Vegetable & Fruit Wash

Price: INR 225 for 300g

Availability:, Amazon, Flipkart, etc