Rational Launches Slew Of Webinars, Live Cooking For Chef Community

-Press Release

Leading player in the Food equipment category, Rational, in an effort to engage the Chefs and food-handler community had conducted slew of webinars, live e-sessions across India.

If you want to know more about combi-steamer then a live demonstration is the ideal answer. However, in the current situation that’s out of the question, so RATIONAL India has launched an alternative version of it in the form of online webinars. The webinars are aimed at people who are thinking of getting a RATIONAL or who simply want to find out more about them.

The webinars have seen tremendous participation since they were started. During the webinar, the participants are treated to a variety of mouth-watering dishes that are prepared by expert RATIONAL chef Gaurav Bajaj using different cooking techniques. The webinar also provides a lot of interesting tips. There are also lively Q&A session during and after the presentation which is answered by Chef Toshit Sharma, National Corporate Chef, RATIONAL India.
Many participants took out time to show appreciation to the RATIONAL team behind the webinars, with one commenting, “I enjoyed the cooking demo.”

“We’re delighted and motivated with the success of RATIONAL webinars and by the really positive feedback we are receiving from participants,” says Saurabh Puri, Marketing Manager of RATIONAL India. “There’s clearly an appetite for this type of online activity, which gives us extra impetus to push ahead with the programme and expand it in the weeks ahead. For example, we plan to start running training webinars for chefs (RATIONAL Academy) who already have a RATIONAL and want to develop their knowledge and techniques.”

The webinars are only open to chefs and professionals from the foodservice domain. To find out more, and for registration, visit www.rational-online.com.