RG Group To Introduce New Products; Foray Into Tamil Nadu Market

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RG Group, one of the leading food product manufacturers in Kerala with products ranging from gingelly, mustard oil, sharbat and export, Palakkad matta rice coconut oil is planning to introduce rusk biscuits. The company also announces its plan to foray into the Tamil Nadu market through super-stockists.
A small venture once today is spearheaded by the third generation of the family. RG started 3 units, all equipped with the most modern oil industry equipment – Ambika Stores, Leela Oil Industries, and Gopal Refineries & Oil Industries. Speaking to ChefBharath.com, RG Vishnu, the third generation entrepreneur from the family business says the market is likely to vroom post COVID. “We had found there were key changes in the product procurement pattern. Majorly the pooja stores, temples, and Ayurveda centers were closed and with things back on track, we are expecting a change in procurement patterns”, he said. Speaking on the retail segment, according to him, the last year made customers throng into small grocery shops and avoid large format retail outlets.

Unique selling points:
Vishnu believes in healthy competition in the market and the field sales team always had been advised not to speak on any competing brand. “We do not see a competition just as a brand. Like us, they are also an organization and behind them, there are families who run the same. Thus, we ensure our organizations speak only on our quality and not anything on the other’s brand”, he said.

RG Group thrives majorly on brand quality. “We firmly believe that even in today’s modern world, the right blend of tradition, new generation thoughts, and state-of-the-art technology can help create better and healthier lifestyles. Bid farewell to harmful chemicals, preservatives, and coloring agents, set your dining table with tasty and impurity-free food. Your health and satisfaction are what we strive for.”, he says further adding: we challenge any of our bulk customers to visit our factory without any prior notice and experience the safety standards.
Institutional sales
Not just on the consumer end, RG also has a good focus on the institutional and HoReCa segment sales. “Most of the top hospitals, ready-to-mix food companies, and pickle manufacturers use our products for their products and services. However, hoteliers have to understand the fact that the same taste and look might not be possible every time if the product is genuine. Only artificial ingredients can bring the same look, color, and smell every time”, Vishnu says. According to him, hoteliers need to implement two things immediately: not be too brand conscious and be open for newer brands a chance minimal levels.

Expansion plans:
RG Group has close to 600 distributors and reaches out to 80 Thousand retail outlets. “We have a dense field sales force and we ensure we have one executive mapped to every three distributors. We currently serve for the GCC, Far East, Singapore, US, UK, Australia. Our idea is to be a global brand in the next 5 years with 50 SKUs”, Vishnu added.

On the product lines, the RG is dedicating most of their time to asafoetida, sharbat syrup. With more restaurants and juice shops and bakeries are in the verge of opening, we are focussing on that vigorously. “We are also planning to foray into the rusk biscuits which will be a game-changer in our business. On the geographical expansion, we are present mostly in and around the Kerala market. However, we would also be starting to foray into the Tamil Nadu region”, he said.

Empowering Women:
Women are the pillars behind the RG group. “One will not believe that 99.9% factory workforce is women. We have limited male staff for the clerical work and few for the working on the wee hours. We also do not bring workers from other states and had empowered women from neighboring villages alone. We see women work physically hard in loading and unloading of barrels”, he concludes.

Best Wishes From

Team Dbrains wishes RG Group on all their growth aspects. Under the leadership of Mr Vishnu, RG Group will take Kozhikode in the global arena. DBrains is Kerala’s leading solution provider in end-to-end technology and infrastructure deployments. For consulting, call +91 93492 51916 or visit www.dbrains.in

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