Samco Attributes Generations Of Success To Dishes, Staffs

-Ayshwaria Lakshmi

Crossing three generations of existence in the industry, becoming a landmark, filmed in well-known movies, we know this Chennai-based restaurant for its authentic Biriyani & Kurma, Mutton Paaya. Samco started in 1962, is run by a family of restauranteurs who now a few other restaurants too.

Originally, the restaurant was in the building where the Kauvery Hospital, Chennai, is. Later in 1990, it shifted to the current location which itself had become a landmark.

“The inauguration of this location was one of the most memorable moments for us all. We had Mr. Kamal Hasan himself, had taken part in it,” said, Muhamed Shaham, Managing Partner, Samco. “Our success for decades was our no-compromise attitude in the quality of our food.” They believe in providing the guest with dishes cooked from fresh vegetable and meat bought fresh every morning.

“Apart from this, our success relied not only on the dishes, but it was because of our staffs,” said the third generation custodian of the restaurant of high repute. “We should always treat them as part of our family. Staffs are a huge part of our business success,” said Mr. Muhamed.

For instance, the chef has been with them for almost twenty-five years now. He also adds that it is important for the upcoming restaurant to concentrate on making their staff feel important and having good coordination with them. If and only because of them one can achieve the goal to success according to the restauranter.

These decades of Success and constant requests from their customers finally made the owner open a Teynampet branch six years back and on in Velachery three years ago. The restaurant also maintains strict policy in food wastage, starting from the procurement of ingredients in all their branches. To even control the product wastage, the signature dishes are cooked in the Alwarpet kitchen and sent to the other branches. This allows the restaurant to maintain its quality and taste across the city and control unnecessary wastage in each branch.


“Even though we have decades of experience, the difficulty we faced was in adopting technology, but guests made it easier as the not much changes in their palette we saw,” said Mr Muhamed. “We are also planning to open a cloud kitchen in Anna Nagar.”

He also adds that whether the Anna Nagar branch would be a cloud kitchen or dine in would depend on the market situation.

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