Thambi Villas Outlet Now In Thanjavur

-Ayshwaria Lakshmi (

Thambi Villas, known for its South Indian cuisine, opened an outlet in Thanjavur, the heart of South Indian, art and culture.

It is a 120-seater, interiors decorated in a way to provide vintage and South Indian heritage look. Thambi Villas has 6 branches in Chennai and opened two others in Kilpauk and Kanchipuram.

“Thambi Villas motto is ‘With Love, from Thanjavur’. Nothing like Thambi Villas opening here would be more appropriate. The food market here is pretty good since the footfalls to Thanjavur are higher than in any other city. We get visitors from different regions visiting,” said D.B.V.S Gowthaman, the Owner of Thambi Villas Franchise in Thanjavur.

This outlet serves only South Indian dishes, unlike the other outlets where Chinese is also served. As they promised, it serves the food fresh. The restaurant has strict conditions against the storage of meat and they are bought in fresh every morning.

“We have made the prices as competitive as the other outlets. But we have also cut down where we can to make it more affordable for our guests to enjoy our food,” said Gowthaman. This outlet has also gone through changes in terms of the looks compared to the other outlets’ added Gowthaman.

ADVT:  Masala Chef. From the house of VPSA Paramasiva Nadar group www.thillaismasala.comof companies wishes Thambi Vilas in Thanjavur for a great success.… For collaborations and samples: +91 7397731654 or

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