This US Firm Makes Personalized Bars With Artificial Intelligence To Manage Stress

-Ayshwaria Lakshmi

If you think artificial intelligence is jargon and is away from the lifestyle of a layman you are not right anymore. Here comes a US-based start-up that is on a mission to control the stress levels of Americans not through any machine, but with a consumable bar.

According to the American Institute of Stress, 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress. Stress is a global crisis that relentlessly beckons a comprehensive call to action as it is the sixth leading cause of death in the world.

This nutrition start-up myAir leverages AI to introduce the first personalized stress relief concept using botanically infused nutrition bars. The company developed a series of plant-based nutrition bars with a personalized edge. Each herbal extract formulation contains a research-backed botanical blend designed to deliver a specific stress-release effect based on deep profiling machine learning technology. It tailors the blends to the consumer’s unique stress profile and cognitive needs.

The myAir concept was created in 2019 by two founders: Rachel Yarcony, a former C-Level executive at Teva Pharmaceuticals, Nestlé, and Strauss Group and Dovev Goldstein, a personalized technology and media expert and seasoned entrepreneur who led three media and marketing technology companies to success. Together, with a team of experienced executives and scientists from the pharmaceutical, food, and technology industries. The start-up has already $2 million pre-seed investment from Tel-Aviv University Ventures, iAngels VC, and Entrée Capital.

The myAir team developed a patent-pending algorithm based on physiological and psychological data. Its online questionnaire creates deep profiling of an individual’s cognitive response to stress. Physiological responses to stress, including alterations in heart rate, respiration, sleep quality, and physical activity, are tracked via smartwatches. The company’s algorithm processes this data then customizes a combination of myAir bars to your needs from a wide range of formulas.


We spoke to Rachel Yarcony to understand more about myAir. this concept came out of her own experience. Speaking on the story behind myAir, she said, “During the last 20 years, I worked as a business leader at food and pharma corporates. As an executive manager, a mother, a caregiver to my parents, stress had become a massive burden in my life. I tried to manage my stress through meditation and mindfulness, but I failed to maintain stress management in my routine. Until I understood that we should manage our stress as if it was part of our sports activities or dietary routine. Personal, functional nutrition is part of the solution.”

This spurred her to seek a natural plant-based solution and develop a ‘food-for-mood’ that consumers can easily merge into their daily routine to help take control of their health and manage their personal stress levels. myAir offers a solution to deal with the number 1 silent killer in the world: Stress.

myAir’s novel concept taps into three current booming trends: plant-based, personalized nutrition, and stress management. Studies show that 75% of the population prefers to improve their quality of life by embracing a healthy diet rather than dosing up on prescribed medication. Meanwhile, 73% of adults snack in order to relax. ” Our goal is to empower millions to manage their stress through super-plants, personalized-based nutrition. Our concept effectively leverages AI technology to provide a simple-to-follow, tasty, customized nutritional solution to the global stress crisis.”

myAir has a team of psychology experts developed cognitive assessments. Since stress has many faces, in research we conducted with Garmin health, we discovered that each one of us has two dominant stress effects. Speaking on the accuracy, she said, “We base our questionnaires on signal processing and big data. We design them to empower the user to understand and discover how stress affects them. I’m happy to share that 72% of myAir users declared that the algorithm predicted precisely their personal stress effects. We base the science behind myAir formulation on years of super plants research, and almost 2 years of the development of the super-plants bar. Each one plant and functional botanical extracts used in the formulations are well researched. “



Key Ingredients:

Each bar is composed of a blend of nuts and fruits and infused with a unique research-based proprietary formula of bioactive botanical extracts. These include extracts from sage, hops, oats, valerian, rosemary, and others. They work synergistically to exert a specific stress-countering effect, whether to sharpen focus, revive energy, reduce anxiety, support relaxation, promote quality sleep and more. We use ‘adaptogen’ – a group of plants and herbs that can support the body’s natural ability to overcome stress through the endocrine and autonomic nervous system.

Nuts allergic are quite predominant. Currently, our portfolio contains 12 different formulations, based on the 6 key effects of stress: Calm Green, Energetic pink, Sleepy Gray, Comfortable blue, Relaxed purple, and focused Yellow. Each one of them is available in 2 strength levels – medium and high (+). all the bars are available in 3 flavors: Dates & nuts, Oats, banana & nuts, Oats, chocolate & cranberries. myAir bars are vegan.  The company has plans to offer more solutions for nuts allergic.


Geographical expansions:

myAir is a personalized functional food company. Their futuristic portfolio on the personalization mechanism we created, that is a patented platform for more personalized solutions. There are many super-plants that we are research and science-based formulations that care a part of myAir “food for mood” revolution, but they believe a good strategy is first what not to do, so we are currently focusing on the stress management unmet needs, as it is huge.

“We sell in the US. The US is a broad market made up of many states, but they all share similar cultures and stressful lifestyles, especially along the coastal regions. So, we felt the US was the ideal region to introduce our concept. We are also looking into eventually distributing it in the rest of the world as chronic stress is “the global silent killer” and all of us deserve a personal solution.” she concluded.


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