Underdogs, top stars, star cuisine. KTCHNrebel knows the top 20 Instagram chefs

-CB News Desk

Imaginative, cool, inspiring – these were the criteria used by KTCHNrebel, to award the best Instagram accounts in the industry for the second time. Masterchef Shipra Khanna from India with over 25 million followers is not only excellent with her culinary skills but also has impressive and confident looks. Nusret Gökçe, with a golden steak and 27.7 million followers, can be just as pleased about the award as Andre Rush with 173,000 followers and 60-centimeter circumference biceps.

Christophe Tuloup seduces with sugar and chocolate, and all the other award winners can tell from their picture stories how proud they are of their profession. Their instagram accounts are certainly also a source of inspiration for all those who want to spoil their guests a little more every day. By the way, the award-winners are easy to recognize: They can call themselves and Best Chefs of Instagram by KTCHNrebel" on their webpages and social media channels. All 20 Instagram chefs can be found here: https://www.ktchnrebel.com/20-best-chefs-of-