Vacancy: Sattva Agro Products Requires A Consultant-Chef


Sattva Agro Products, a fast-growing food product company is looking for a Chef-Consultant who can help their organization in promoting Spirulina and the medicinal mushroom (Cordyceps Militaris).

The prospective candidate will help the organization come up with recipes based on spirulina and medicinal mushroom, advising the organization on other aspects from packaging, promotional, youtube videos, and more. The chef will ideally promote healthy eating habits by suggesting the ways to customers,  that could be incorporated into their diet without having to take it in the form of tablets or capsules as supplements.

The consultant/organization will have expertise beyond the kitchen and the ideal consultant would be someone who specializes in nutrition, fitness, and healthy eating. It is also advisable to have someone who can help from a sales point of view viz, products like cookies, biscuits, health drink powder that have a good shelf life would be helpful to get rolled out into the market.

Interested chefs with experience in consulting for brands can send their CV and other details to the email address given below and call the number below for preliminary discussions.

Seema- | +91 94899 61772

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