Vedic Thali, Ardor 2.1’s Answer for Immunity building

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-Ayshwaria Lakshmi 

What do we need to increase the immunity of our guests? Delhi based Suveett Kalra who had founded Ardor 2.1 restaurant answers it  with his new launch, the Vedic thali.

This variety of Thali has about 14 items comprising 3 starters, 12 main course dishes, a dessert and a digestive drink. It is made using natural immunity boosters like Haldi, Amla, Tulsi, Bharangi, Echinacea, Mulethi, Shankhapushpi and many more Natural Ayurvedic Ingredients. It is also prepared using the traditional method of cooking, such as clay pots and slow fire cooking, which preserves not only the quality with nutritional value but also enhances the texture of food and its quality, making it easy to digest.

“The Idea of Vedic Thali– Immunity Boosting Food came to us during Lockdown imposed after Covid 19. What we really need is not a Lockdown but a Strong Immunity so that such events like Covid 19 can never affect us hard, too hard, if ever they come again. After consultation with Nutritionists and Ayurvedic Doctors and our in-house Chefs to create a Balance of Taste, Presentation and Immunity Boosting Food, came Vedic Thali,” said Suveeth Kalra, Founder of Ardor 2.1 and Ardor 29.

Ardor 2.1 was created to have world cuisine served with passion and Energy with its selections ranging from Awadhi, Mughlai, Far Eastern, Oriental or International Specialties. Some of its well-known thali’s are Modi 56 inch, Baahubali Thali, and The United India Thali for. It has received various awards and critical acclaim like Times Nightlife Award- Best Party Place, Times Hospitality Icon Awards (Best Restaurant NCR), Indian Restaurant Congress Awards 2019 (Best Menu Innovation Award), and so on. It has also been covered by the New York Times and Boston Daily for our Revolutionary Thalis.

Vedic thali, launched at the beginning of Aug, had an influx of Food Connoisseurs and ranking it along with being it being praised as a great initiative and service by the mainstream media.

Ardor 2.1, is in Connaught Place, an area which is the epicentre for activities in Delhi. Suveett says, “We expect people from all walks of life making it the most ideal location for such a venture. We also are seeing a huge influx  of youngsters eager to boost their immunity levels while having fun gorging on our finely crafted thalis.”

Suveett has also come up with Ayurvedic tea souvenirs as a giveaway to guests. “It is a sign of care for customers to further enhance their immunity levels,” he adds.

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