Veeba Launches Spicy Mango and Bubble Gum flavours

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Leading Food Manufacturer Veeba had recently launched Spicy Mango and Bubble Gum flavours into the categories of Bene Tibi Mocktails Syrup.

Bene Tibi in Latin refers to the customary ‘cheers’, one does at the start of any celebration. True to its name our Bene Tibi range of bar syrups is a celebration of flavours and creativity. Each bottle of Bene Tibi promises amazing flavour for your creative beverages, from Blue Curacao to a Spicy Mango. There’s no wrong way to go about it. We have a product for every moment. Bene Tibi products are designed for professionals who demand perfection and true tastes to create or improve recipes.

Today, Bene Tibi has one of the most innovative ranges of premium flavourings for beverages. With over 25 flavours, Bene Tibi provides the elements to create and serve, great-tasting offerings for the on-premise operator. Recently we have launched two exotic flavours Spicy Mango and Bubble Gum. Bene Tibi Bubble Gum syrup bottles the nostalgic childhood taste and fun factor associated with this ever-popular confectionery. Bubble Gum delivers a strong, sweet original bubble gum flavour. Bene Tibi Bubble Gum taste reminds you of your childhood with its strong and sweet Bubble Gum aroma.

Bene Tibi Spicy Mango: The delicious taste of succulent mango mixed with special Indian condiments is a perfect pairing. Our Spicy Mango Syrup is a marriage made in heaven and adds a sweet yet spicy touch to cocktails, mocktails and iced teas, lemonades and sodas.

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