WeP Launches New Products For Gujarat, West Bengal

-CB News Desk

Retail billing solutions leader WeP group of companies which is into design, manufacturing, and distribution of various types of printers & IT peripherals has launched two new model printers for the Gujarat and West Bangal markets. WeP Solutions Limited is a leading product in compact retail billing solutions for the last 20 Years. With over more than 1 lakh customers, WeP says it is committed to serving its customers better.

” WeP Solutions is one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of Retail Billing Printers.  WeP is having constant touch with customers and found the need of contactless billing and cloud reports for store owners, based on this we have launched ‘Emerge’ series,” said Ciju k Raj, General Manager, Printer business. 

All the WeP Products are made in India with a range of Retail Billing Printers, Android-based POS Solutions, Dot Matrix Printers, POS Printers, Barcode Label Printers, Barcode Scanner, Bluetooth Printers. WeP always understands the need of the customer and serve all type of customer requirement. Understanding the present circumstances, recently we have introduced 2 addition to our product range which highly encourages contactless billing BP Emerge Basic and BP 2100 Emerge is the 2 new products that provide complete WiFi facility.

The owners can share the bills via SMS to end customers and reduces the physical handling of the bill. BP Emerge Basic is an affordable billing solution that can be used by any retail shop owners. The product is highly user friendly and supports contactless billing through its SMS feature.

BP 2100 Emerge is a new introduction to the Billing Printer series which sends SMS of bill detail to manager and customer. It also sends the PDF of the bill as SMS to end customers which they can download just in a single click. The product also offers cloud connectivity where the billing data is stored safely in the server.

WeP says it gives priority to the safety of our customers and we keep them satisfied and up to date with the changes. Let us all resist with the new normal and ensure to have contactless and safe living.