Whitecaps celebrates Children’s Day with the Anganwadi kids

-CB News Desk (publisherchefbharath@gmail.com)

Bengaluru : Whitecaps International School of Pastry one of the leading pastry institutes in India celebrated Children’s day in a very unique style. Team Whitecaps collaborated with Prapti Foundation, a not for profit organization, to distribute some tasty delights to the kids of Anganwadi’s in Kereguddadahalli, Center2, Bengaluru. Children were very elated to meet the “Men in Whites”, who were dressed in their Chef’s attire. Whitecaps distributed puffs and pastries to the kids, who rejoiced to eat puffs made of pure butter, and pastries made of real cream.

Vedkiran the Co-founder of Whitecaps opines “it’s always lovely to meet and interact with kids, it’s so astonishing to see how talented these kids are at a very young age, the right kind of teaching and the right of education will make them prosperous in their lives. Prapti Foundation is doing amazing work by setting the basics right for these kids”.

Megha Suhas, Founder of Prapti Foundation said, “My team is thankful to Whitecaps International for sharing the joy with children on this day, these little acts make children come to school every day and become responsible citizens as they grow up”.